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Hello and welcome if you’ve stumbled across my blog.

I have no idea how these things work so you’ll have to bear with me while I figure it out.

The idea of this is so I can keep on top of my reviews mainly, and maybe I’ll appear a bit more “proper” when it comes to me providing a synopsis and opinion of any book I read.

I love reading. I’ve gone through half of the genres already…………ok I’m including baby books here, but I did it so it is a thing ok! Adult genres, I started on Danielle Steel (not she’s a genre perse but…….) jumped headlong into horror (I got into Richard Laymon just about the time he died, honest, not my fault) loved King. Then it was thrillers which kind of overlapped with mystery, crime, law (yes John Grisham obviously…………….actually, mostly) Scattered in amongst those I like a good fantasy (read Terry Pratchett) (yes another late author, do I need a lawyer?) Now included in amongst those I’m chucking in a bit of humour (Loved Fat Vampire – Jonny B Truant) and I’m currently working my way through the Bad Mother books by Suzy K Quinn…………..think I need a middle initial with my humour authors!

So, put your feet up………………seriously,  please do because I’m the procrastination queen and this might be all you get for months (don’t get me started on Pinterest – please – there’s a day gone)

See you soon!



I picked this one from my Amazon First Reads offerings because I thought it sounded like a nice mystery.

It turned out to be a nice book about friendships and heartache with a little dash of mystery on the side, and I really liked it.

Maud was stood up at the altar by her fiancé and lives in the upstairs flat of the building owned by Larry the punk who inherited the house from his Aunt. Mackenzie, the one remaining sister from a family missing twin girls, lives in the basement flat. Then there’s Sunna in the middle ground floor flat who was left behind when her partner became internet ‘famous’.

Maud is moody and acts a little like she may be on the spectrum, but you come to love her. Mackenzie sees the good in everything but you come to realise this may just be her cover persona. Then Sunna is all cynical and that’s just the way she is.

The group receive a letter, but as it has been eaten by the wet letterbox there isn’t a signature…………in fact there isn’t a whole letter. Who is it for? The bit they can read writes about meeting at The Cup – the local coffee house, so for the next few days (I actually lost count) they turn up at the coffee shop waiting for someone they recognise to show up, all the while growing closer to each other – even if they don’t realise it at the time.

It turned out to be a really lovely book and left me happier having read it.


I often like a bit of Amanda Prowse thrown in to the mix of genres I am in to, just as a kind of respite. I love the way she takes an ordinary section of a character’s life and makes it kind of magical. You get drawn in and find yourself reading chapter after chapter before you know it and have to keep dipping back in just to find out what is going on.

This one is the story of Nick, who has just lost his wife (and son Oliver’s Mother) Kerry.

It is the story of him coming to terms with what happened and trying to move on, even when his son isn’t ready for him to do so, or his sister-in-law. It deals with the circumstances of knowing that you got over her dying even before she died – as is often with a long standing illness – so people see you moving on with your life way too soon in their eyes.

The chapters are told over two timelines – the present and 1992, when he and his friends were growing up and facing their own challenges, one of Nick’s being whether to go to college or stay and marry Kerry. We also follow the story of Nick’s sister and his friend – two people who adore each other but never quite make it together.

This was a lovely book, a joy to read and a wrench to finish, so invested are you in the characters. But then I always know I’m getting a first-class read when I get hold of one of Amanda’s books.

BAD MOTHER’S VIRUS – by Suzy K Quinn

This book has been kindly squeezed into the series by Suzy due to the pandemic happening and is very true to the situation we are in now.

The story starts pretty much with Alex going to Italy on his Mother’s insistence and Nana booking a cruise.

I guess you can imagine what happens, but it the funny way it’s written that makes it so first-rate for me. Watch the whole thing unfolding, just like it did for us, but with Suzy’s humour interjected and all the things going wrong that we’ve become so used to with Juliette and her family.

Watch out for the sad bits though – I won’t let on what happens but it is a knife edge for a bit there and you’re thinking “no, this is romantic humour, this isn’t happening”.

I guess that’s the problem with having become so invested in this unconventional family, bad things happening isn’t, in reality, amusing.

I would suggest, though, that we need a Bad Mother’s Virus part two to see us to the end of the pandemic and getting back to normal again.

Just saying.

Oh, and I’d definitely recommend you read this – but only after reading the others first, or you’ll get in a muddle like I did!

Link to the first Bad Mother book


I have to admit I was in two minds whether to post a review of this book. I enjoyed reading it……well, when I enjoyed I mean it was an easy read…………well, when I say easy.

Let me start again.

This was a disturbing read which threw up various questions, such as – is this author depraved? (Take a look at his other book titles and you’ll come to some conclusion) am I depraved for reading it/wanting to read it in the first place? Am I immoral in enjoying the book? (see above points) Do I want people to know I enjoyed the book? Will they think I’m awful? (actually, to be fair I only have a handful of followers so this is a pointless  point)

The story. Ashley is a teenager and is acting up like a lot of teenagers do. Her Father tries to control her in the normal ways but she doesn’t listen to him and does what she wishes all the same. So he decides to tie her up in the basement where she still acts out against him. He comes up with some punishments that he says will change her ways. Frighteningly her Mother is totally on board with all this and even adds in some of her own ideas to degrade the girl and so make her toe the line. Each time the punishment doesn’t work and the chastisements just get worse until Ashley ends up humiliated and mutilated.

You can kind of get where the author is going with this. She needs to change her ways so she needs punishing. Each one doesn’t work so it just gets more and more depraved. In a kind of way you’re with him, except, personally, I don’t think she was that bad to start with and you start to feel rather sorry for her at times.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the Boyfriend. Dad doesn’t want him dating his girl and defiling her (so he defiles her himself? Logic?) Anyway, he goes a bit far in solving the problem. That’s all I’ll say.

So, in conclusion, I found it effortless to read although not easy due to the content. I think you have to have a thick skin or a warped mind to enjoy this and I know a few people who fit this bill!!

By the way, I did try not to use the word depraved too many times………..I think I got away with it, though it was difficult.

Also: You can probably figure out the guys first name is Jonathan, but I couldn’t find out what his last name was. Someone on his Twitter feed suggested Wright, though I couldn’t find anything to confirm this. You probably don’t care either way but this sort of thing bugs me a bit.


This is the first book in the new Dez & Sully series. For those not in the ‘know’ Sullivan Gray can see dead people. He only sees homicide victims and can’t talk to them – though he can ‘feel’ them. By touching them he feels and sees what their problem is and what is stopping them moving on………..often at great expense to himself as he feels their pain too, and in the case of homicide victims there is often a lot of that. Desmond Braddock is his ex cop brother.

The new series is based on their private investigations agency, run by ex cop Lachlan Fields.

The edge creek light is a local ghost story, only a few say they have seen it, and none for long enough to say what it is about. Sully finds out.

Local boy Gabe is there with his girlfriend one night, his plan is to scare her into his arms in the hope something else may occur in the process. Unfortunately Gabe didn’t expect to be scared witless himself and disappears shortly after.

His girlfriend asks the agency for their help.

It transpires that Gabe’s father was killed on the tracks and not in a suicide – as was thought – because Sully can see him. Gabe’s Mother doesn’t know that he knows anything about his father, but doesn’t know where he goes when he runs away (which is often) and as he comes back unharmed she doesn’t much care either.

The guys look into the death and find there was a lot more to it. It was a case Lachlan had dealings with when he was in the police force and it has bothered him that there was no real conclusion to it other than suspected suicide.

I love this new series as it concentrates on the brother’s investigations, and Sully’s extra abilities, and there are no people after Sully, looking to do him harm any more.

Definitely recommended.

LIES LIES LIES by Adele Parks

Daisy and Simon, met at college, been together ever since. He likes a drink or two, who doesn’t, and Daisy is ok with that. So, he gets a bit over the top at times but that’s fine.

They have a daughter, Millie, who they love dearly and would like to give her a little brother or sister. They had problems producing their little miracle so a trip to the fertility clinic is in order. Except it doesn’t give Simon the answer he was expecting. He needs a drink, and this is where he starts to get out of control.

A party, too much alcohol and there is an accident on the way home. It’s Simon’s fault and he is sent to prison. But was it really him?

Daisy never visits, until one day she does, but it’s not good news – she wants s divorce.

Then Simon’s released and totally all at sea as he now doesn’t drink, until his sober self is needed once again.

This was a weird one as, as far I was concerned, the main body of the story had been told by halfway in and I lost a little interest, but then it picked up again as I realised there was so much more to be told. I definitely felt a lot of the problems could have been, if not solved, at least eased by the telling of the truth………….but then it wouldn’t have made for much of a mystery then would it?

Told alternately from the first person in Daisy’s chapters and third person in Simon’s this is definitely a good read, I did enjoy it.

VIOLET by S. J. I. Holliday

I borrowed this from the library after seeing it recommended in a magazine.

Violet finds herself alone whilst in Thailand after splitting with the man she was travelling with. She doesn’t appear to have much money but needs to get on the Trans-Siberian Express, though when she asks at the ticket office she is told there aren’t any tickets left.

While sitting waiting for inspiration another traveller turns up wanting a refund on a ticket she bought for a friend who – due to an accident before they left – couldn’t travel. She is told they don’t offer refunds.

Seeing an opportunity Violet strikes up a conversation with the girl, Carrie, and after much laughing and alcohol Carrie offers Violet her ticket.

So starts a wonderful relationship and we see them through travel, alcohol, sex,  a few drugs and then a row.

At this stage, we aren’t really sure whether it is Violet or Carrie who has the dark secrets, but we are soon to find out.

It is at this stage of the book that things get interesting, and unfortunately anything I say past this point would be spoiler-ville.

I really did enjoy this book; it kept your attention with the superb way the tale was written, always a hook to keep you going.  It was written from the perspective of both girls so we got to know what each was thinking about the other as the story unfolded.

Definitely worth a read. You may have to buy it though as the libraries are shut for now.

SCIMITAR by Celina Grace

This is the next instalment in the life and career of Kate Redman.

Kate’s friend and co-worker Chloe is all loved up with Roman and they’ve taken a trip to London when a terrorist strikes and Roman pushes Chloe to safety. He does not survive and Chloe is left distraught.

Kate on the other hand is planning on moving in with her boyfriend or  Anderton when she meets a handsome stranger who questions her loyalty.

The day after the attacks in London a young Asian man is found dead in the grounds of the local stately home, and the plot only thickens when they find out his name, because Ibrahim Bashir died years ago.

The handsome stranger is an agent from MI5 and they find that their murder case overlaps with a case the agents are looking into, which means Kate has way too much contact with the man!

I love this series and my only complaint is they are not released nearly enough…..I read one, then have to wait!! Hey ho, back to the big old TBR pile.


LOVED this book, Jenny is just nuts – in a nice way! Her manner of explaining things that happened to her had me rolling around on the sofa in a fit of laughter and tears…………….my Husband nearly had me committed!

What can I say about the book – it is a whole load of stuff Jenny has put together about her life in general, and obviously her mental problems, which according to her therapist are quite a few!

There are chapters about something she did, ones about conversations she had with people, ones with a list of things her Father taught her (he seemingly had a similar outlook on life to Jenny) an ‘interview with the author’ – which is basically just her and Victor (her Husband) talking and him asking questions about the questions she has asked him to ask (does that make sense??) There’s even one discussing the problems – and the advantages – that may come with laminating a cat.

I even found out a condition I have through this book – dermatillomania – and now I’ve told my family I can’t help it they should stop telling me off for doing it!!

Did you know that life is all about things that are and are not pandas?

Also, the racoon on the front is real, and stuffed (it roadkill, so had a happy life………until the car) and is owned by Jenny……………..along with another one, as the first one’s hands fell off – read the book, you’ll get the whole story.

If nothing else you will get a lot of laughs from this book, you may even get a diagnosis, and it definitely made my head a happier place to be for a while.