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Hello and welcome if you’ve stumbled across my blog.

I have no idea how these things work so you’ll have to bear with me while I figure it out.

The idea of this is so I can keep on top of my reviews mainly, and maybe I’ll appear a bit more “proper” when it comes to me providing a synopsis and opinion of any book I read.

I love reading. I’ve gone through half of the genres already…………ok I’m including baby books here, but I did it so it is a thing ok! Adult genres, I started on Danielle Steel (not she’s a genre perse but…….) jumped headlong into horror (I got into Richard Laymon just about the time he died, honest, not my fault) loved King. Then it was thrillers which kind of overlapped with mystery, crime, law (yes John Grisham obviously…………….actually, mostly) Scattered in amongst those I like a good fantasy (read Terry Pratchett) (yes another late author, do I need a lawyer?) Now included in amongst those I’m chucking in a bit of humour (Loved Fat Vampire – Jonny B Truant) and I’m currently working my way through the Bad Mother books by Suzy K Quinn…………..think I need a middle initial with my humour authors!

So, put your feet up………………seriously,  please do because I’m the procrastination queen and this might be all you get for months (don’t get me started on Pinterest – please – there’s a day gone)

See you soon!


SO LUCKY by Dawn O’Porter

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my chance to read this novel in return for an honest opinion.

I have to admit until I was halfway in I was struggling with this book.

There are 3 main characters, Ruby with an attitude, Beth with sexual issues and Lauren with a penchant for creating a false life. (There is also Risky – yes that is her name – who works for Beth and is advanced sexually but still slightly naive in the ways of relationships.) I wasn’t connecting with any of them, so wanting to read the book was a chore rather than a delight to start with.

Ruby – She suffers with PCOS and instead of making her feel worthy her Mother took every chance to insult her condition, which meant she grew up thinking her body was something to be ashamed of.

Beth – has newborn Tommy and a runs a company, but her Marriage is in trouble as her husband doesn’t find her sexually attractive any more…………so she tries to find comfort in other ways.

Lauren – is set to marry a wealthy businessman. She also runs an instagram with doctored photos and made up prose about her perfect life.

Then they start to come together and the book really starts to come into its own. It’s like a blossoming flower and the second half of the book became a story I couldn’t put down. Then among the wonderful narrative sprang forth life affirmations and positivism and I found myself thinking of ways I could change my own  life for the better.

In the end I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was a girl-power story, a tale of 4 women coming together to make their lives better and give support..

I would definitely recommend it.

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DARK PINES by Will Dean

I got this book from the library after seeing a write-up on it in a magazine and thinking ‘that looks good’.

It didn’t disappoint.

Tuva Moodyson is a journalist who writes for the local paper in a remote Swedish town. She moved there to be close (but not too close) to her Mother (who lives in the next town, in a residential home). She tries to visit her but the scoop always gets in the way. From Tuva I learned how unpredictable and battery draining hearing aids are – she seems to need a new battery every day AND she switches them off regularly!!

Anyway, there is a murder, and the town immediately think it’s the work of the Medusa killer who was never found years ago. It is hunting season and the death is passed off as an accident by the police, until here is another. The forest was described well, the dampness dripping off the page, and enough to make me squirm when Tuva had bugs of all kind running over her skin and biting her. She makes friends with a Huntsman’s wife and runs to her or her chef friend Tammy when things get challenging. She has one other friend, Thord, who is in the police force, who she goes to, to find out aspects of the case.

The end I only saw coming just before the event, I honestly hadn’t figured out who it was. My only criticism was that, written from Tuva’s perspective the book started off with short ‘I did this’ and ‘I did that’ sentences, which played with the flow of the story somewhat.

I would definitely recommend this book, I have already reserved book 2 from the libarary!

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THE WINTERS by Lisa Gabriele

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

I confess I haven’t read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, but I suspect, reading other’s reviews, that is not a bad thing.

Our protagonist, whose name we never learn, narrates the story. She starts off working in the Cayman Islands, hiring out boats to wealthy people, where she meets Mr Max Winter, a US senator, widowed. When he sweeps hero off her feet she moves to his American estate, Asherley, and meets his, seemingly, wayward daughter Dani.

So is it true that his late wife crashed after confronting his mistress? Is it true that Dani is trying to humiliate our nameless heroine at every turn? Is Max too good to be true? After suffering humiliation at her wedding things rather quickly move into revelations territory and we find out the truth in the lies.

I really enjoyed this book and it kept my interest. I would recommend it any that like a mystery – and maybe not if you’ve read the original Rebecca, as you will form comparisons.

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Many thanks to Emma Kennedy and NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Rachel’s father Charlie has recently died, and whilst grieving for him she is preparing for her wedding to Claude. Come the wedding, however, there is no sign of Claude and Rachel reluctantly moves back in with her Mother Eleanor. Theirs is a difficult relationship and she turns to her Aunt Agnes for comfort and advice more than she does her Mother.

The story is told in two timeframes, one in the present from Rachel’s perspective and one around Eleanor’s early adult years running with the art crowd.

Then Eleanor dies after telling Rachel she has something to tell her. Rachel is too keen to get out of the house or she would have stayed to find out there and then. I have to admit I was convinced Charlie wasn’t Rachel’s father, but you’ll have to read the book to find out if I was right!!

I enjoyed the past stories as they held more content and background to Eleanor’s life. I loved the character of Jake, funny, impulsive – I would have liked to meet him!

This was a great read, it pulled me in, I loved most of the characters and I had to find out the ending.

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PAIN FREE LIFE by Andrea Hayes

I got this from the library after googling “pain relief” when my doctor suggested I come off the pain meds I had been having.

It is a brilliant book from the beginning (describing her pain and being upset when they couldn’t diagnose anything) to finding out what was causing the pain and then on to trying to shut out the pain and her blueprint for dealing with it at the end.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is suffering from pain and trying to find another, non-medical, way of dealing with it.

Find Andrea’s books here


Continuation of the story of my favourite family ever!!

Julliette is engaged to Alex (or Rex as Daisy calls him) but along with her doubts (mostly about getting along with her future mother-in-law Catrina, who never answers nor returns her calls) her ex, and Daisy’s Father, Nick keeps asking her to get back together with him (probably mostly to do with the fact his wife has left him and baby Horatio for someone with more money)

She is worrying as to whether they can actually get married or will it cause problems when Alex’s Father dies and he goes almost completely out of contact due to the grief.

After his death the Daltons decide to get both families together, as this was what the father was trying to do before he died – and this causes her further worry as she is tasked with organising the do along with the help of Catrina, who has an epiphany and becomes Juliette’s best friend (clearly false but it helps with the management of the dinner) I won’t go on because then you won’t need to read the book – and you do need to read the book (after you’ve read the previous ones if you haven’t already)

I love these books and they don’t come out nearly often enough as I devour them when they do then am left hanging for another, missing my friends, then get exited when I hear another book is coming out! So thank you Suzy for this series and I will love you till you stop writing them!

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HOW TO BE FAMOUS by Caitlin Moran

I was kindly given this ebook by Netgalley and the publisher in return for a review and immediately loaned the previous book (how to build a girl) from the library to catch up on the story. I loved it and after reading a couple that were ahead on my TBR list I came to this one and was excited to catch up with old friend Johanna (Dolly Wilde – her pen-name)

Dolly is a band reviewer for a music newspaper. She makes mistakes, often after some alcohol, and is love with John Kite – a solo artist who makes it big shortly after the story starts. I love Dolly because she comes out with the most amazing stuff – she is intelligent and outspoken and often doesn’t let social Correctness keep her from saying things.

One of her mistakes is a fumble with ‘comedian’ Jerry Sharp, the next was to sleep with him, as he recorded it and then makes it public. Mind you another of his conquests gets back at him by giving Dolly his collection of vids and she uses hers to fight back.

You’ll have to read the book to find out how her love life goes and, well, just read the book because it’s really good!!

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